Happy Flower Day! Oodles of flowers travel around Philadelphia and the suburbs – just flowering around!

Where is my happy place? Wherever I can make life prettier with the gift of colorful flowers. 

I took the flowers to a retirement home for retired nuns. Twenty flashy, splashy bouquets of flowers were selected by the sweet retired Sisters.  On the way out, I saw a van picking up some of the Sisters who go to an adult day care program. I asked the driver if there were people on the bus or at the center who would like flowers. “Yes, of course. These beautiful flowers will really brighten their day.”

I stopped to buy a soda at a Sunoco mini-market on Montgomery Avenue. I often carry flowers in for the cashiers. I placed 3 bouquets on the counter.  I told them that my car was unlocked,  and they could go out and “shop” in my car –  so they could take some free flowers home to their loved ones or neighbors.

Yes, flowers to go….for anyone and anywhere!

I drove to Marshall Street and took them to the busy laundromat. Julia, the manager came out to my car and helped me bring in 40 bouquets. I saw a lady waiting for a bus at the corner. She had a large tote bag. “Would you like some flowers for your kitchen table?” She smiled and said, “Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, God. I really need these today. Do you have any more we can take to the senior center on George Street?”

I answered that I had twenty-five more in my back seat.  She hopped into the passenger seat of my car and off we went in that direction. Then she changed her mind about where they should go. “Let’s take them to the apartments where I live. There are a lot of sad people there – people with oxygen and cancer. Everyone likes flowers.”

I asked how to get there. We went – my new friend and me…..not sure of exactly where the flowers would go in the next five minutes. “Let’s go right in this front door.”

We went in. She put together a couple of long metal tables and instructed me, “Put all of the flowers here.”  I waited about five minutes……the flowering buzz was spreading around the building. “Flower surprise! Flower surprise!”

Flowers help us in so many ways. I don’t think this chance encounter was an accident – meeting the lady at the bus stop.  She knew the pulse of some elderly ladies – she knew where spirits needed to be lifted. I was just the follower. Following her lead to bring some unexpected joy.

I like when off I go, into the flowery, (blue and pink and yellow and purple) blue yonder.

Oh, anywhere else? Yep, to a man sitting on his porch in Philadelphia in a wheelchair, to a lady walking down the street,  and a lady leaving her office building. I simply say, “I think the world needs a little love today. I am giving away free flowers. Would you like one for your kitchen table?”

All in favor of people receiving FREE FLOWERS, say “aye!” (Those opposed, say “no.”)

Pictured here is Bob, one of my faithful senior volunteers!



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