My flowering volunteer is Ella who is 94-years-old – a true late bloomer

“Petals and Blooms-ceptional” Day at a Senior Center and an Adult Day Care Program

It was a rainy and cold day here in Philadelphia. But it was a flower-ceptional day to take flowers to a senior center and an adult day center. I had my favorite volunteer flower-giver with me – my friend Ella who is 94-years-old. We walked in with our arms full of flowers to give away for FREE to seniors and caregivers.


Passing out the flowers was a way to warm hearts with bright and cheery bouquets – a mix of dramatic red roses, purple and pink tulips, and a rainbow colored assortment of daisies and chrysanthemums. All donated to me FREE  – the flowers and plants were unsold  merchandise  from the store’s Easter inventory.

My motto: Let not a bouquet be thrown away while it still has a blessing in it.  (I just made that motto up – just popped into my mind.)

Flower blessings are so commonplace in outside gardens and on church altars – but to my dismay, not commonplace in  nursing homes, group homes, shelters, hospitals, and hospices.

The scent of the flowers, the brightly-colored cellophane wrapping and the beauty of each flower permeated well-being, cheer, and improved the mood of many of the participants.

The leftover flowers got a second chance of life – thankfully because they were not disposed of. The community center seniors received a surprise.  A win-win exchange.

Maybe the flowers made their day! I sure hope so. Visiting them made my day happy. I made a mental note of resolve to share this idea in as many ways as I can.

Link to Happy Flower Day main website



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