Bring back the May Baskets – kindness project for Moms/Dads and kids for Mother’s Day Weekend

Here is a simple idea. Gather a group of moms or dads. Go to a store that sells flowers and BUY a bunch of bouquets. Maybe purchase ten bouquets at a place such as Produce Junction, a flower mart, Trader Joe’s, flower shop, grocery store or wherever  flowers are SOLD but not expensive.


Separate the flowers in the bouquet. Tie a pretty ribbon or a colorful  card to each stem. The card might say YOU ARE LOVED. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. You will find lots of positive messages on Pinterest.

The card could have ANY simple message of encouragement typed or handwritten on it. Or no card is really needed.

Call an assisted living or nursing home facility. Ask to speak to the activity director. Explain that you would like to visit with some little ones,  and the children have a single flower for each senior.

This would not be a big project. It could be a one-time event. Maybe for Mother’s Day weekend. You will have so much fun. Give each child a little basket with ten flowers.

Have each child carry the basket and extend a flower and a smile.

Link to a video of Moms and little kids passing out flowers at a nursing home

Or do this project with your own family. The seniors love the interaction with the little children. And what a valuable lesson you are teaching the kids about kindness!

  1. IDEA: I looked up CHILDREN GIVING FLOWERS NURSING HOME on YouTube. I came across a great YouTube video about the Lilies of the Field organization. Watch this video if you want to see what flowers mean to seniors in retirement centers and nursing homes. Here is an excerpt that I saw written under the YouTube video. Lilies of the Field is a non-profit that exists to encourage mothers with young children to share their precious kids with the elderly. Seniors have wisdom and varied hobbies to share with those ready to listen, not to mention some great living history. You and your kids will keep your new older friends young with new experiences and more engaging social interactions. Blessing the lonely at assisted living facilities will also provide positive controlled exposure for you to model and to encourage your children to value and embrace those residents with physical, speech, or mental disabilities. Not sure how to make your introduction to your child’s newest “Grammy” or “Grampy?” Watch the video and see how flowers can be a bridge to a beautiful friendship.

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