People Need Love and Hope



And who were the Seniors a few short years ago? What were they doing? And what did they look like? Here are a few interesting photos! Snippets of the days gone by!












The Stories for Seniors Project distributes new and gently-used stuffed animals and lap blankets such as crocheted, knitted and quilted afghans and fleece throw blankets to offer care and comfort to Seniors living in nursing homes, retirement communities, Veterans’ Hospitals and shelters.

Many of the Seniors’ recent memories may be of loss – the loss of a spouse, loss of their limbs, loss of their old family homestead, and the many things they had to give up when they had to move into a nursing care facility.

Loss of traditions in the old neighborhood – noisemakers heralding the New Year, home-made birthday cakes, family reunions at a park, sitting on the porch with a bowl of just-picked fresh strawberries.

Many, most likely, had the big car of the 60’s and 70’s and took pride in being impeccably dressed and immaculately groomed. So no more driving to get “a pack of smokes” or taking  a ride to the shore. Much has been taken away by the aging process and circumstances.

Walking on a walker, shuffling clumsily with a cane, knowing their legs are crooked, and working hours of therapy to heal replaced knees and hips are all reminders that their lives are filled with struggles now.

What happened to the distinguished man and the beautiful woman that used to gaze back at them from the mirror?

They need hope, and maybe just a token of encouragement like a pretty knitted or crocheted afghan, a furry stuffed animal or some small gift from the Dollar Store or something you would like to “re-gift.”

 So that you know a little about me and my family, these are my other sites.

I grew up in the King of Prussia area, attended Villanova University and Saint Joseph’s University for graduate school. I am the mother of four children who are in their 20’s, a former  teacher, author and speaker.

I like this sentence from The Talmud:

“The beginning and end of Torah is performing acts of loving kindness.”

I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me with the Stories for Seniors project.

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