Article, Angels on Earth Magazine

Angels on Earth magazine

Patricia can be personally reached at T) 267 939 0365. She welcomes interviews and speaking engagements.  May be available on short notice. (Philadelphia suburb)

 Back in the day, more than 15 years ago, when she was a mother with small children, Patricia  appeared as a guest on many television shows  with her books about parenting and home business. (Including Oprah Winfrey, The CBS Early Show, Lifetime, CNN, QVC, The 700 Club, Financial News Network, CNBC, EWTN, Maury Povich  and in publications including Woman’s World, Family Circle, Gannett Wire Service, the Stars and Stripes and Parents magazine.  


This picture below  was taken of my parents and me in their basement work area where we sent out the Team of Angels pins after an article appeared in Family Circle magazine. We had pins set up on ping pong table, pool table, hanging from trash bags attached to pipes on the wall. Not exactly a Madison Avenue operation. For a free download of the whole story about how the Team of Angels began and how it touched 125,000 people since 1998, please go to


dad and mom and me angel pins in basement

This is me when it all began. I placed 10,000 Team of Angels pins on my front porch in Bucks County, PA and notified the local media that if anyone was overwhelmed, they could come and take a Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed pin to help them with their need. No charge, no donation…….free for the taking. I received 30,000 letters over the years from people telling me where they were when someone sent them a Team of Angels to help. I could have never imagined how the Team of Angels that I created to help myself could have flown all over the world bringing comfort and hope to the downtrodden and in despair.

Me on the front porch with the angel pin basketMe sitting on the floor in Jeffersonville angel pins

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