Caution: Project Name Availability

STARTING YOUR PROJECT – Project Name Availability

Have you selected a UNIQUE NAME for your flower project? To avoid potential problems, it is important to select an ORIGINAL name for your flower project. “The Happy Flower Day Project” name is proprietary to Patricia Gallagher’s project, so that name CAN’T be used for your project. You must verify that the name that you are considering for your project has not been taken by someone else and that it is available for you to use.  If you choose a name that is similar to someone’s business or project, you could be accused of infringing on their trademark rights. Do your research. Choose a name for your project that is not close to anyone else’s business or project. You could be in legal trouble if the owner contacts you related to an infringement violation.  Research the desired name in directories and online.  Google your proposed names, enter your idea for a name into various search engines, and see what comes up. Make sure that your project name is ORIGINAL. It cannot be in use by anyone else. Do not use a name that is identical or even too similar. Be creative. Google words related to flowers and seniors and experiment with putting words together to come up with your unique project name. You don’t want to have to change the name after you have started, or have to pay legal fees and money damages. Better to be safe than sorry.