Why People Love the Flowers

“I wish you a very happy day – a Happy Flower Day!” 



Patricia_Giving070Patricia_Giving0672013-12-05 12.11.03

2013-12-05 12.11.14

2013-12-05 12.11.28

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“Patricia, I usually stop at the corner and buy flowers from the man that sells them but he did not have any today. And here you are, passing out the flowers for free. I know just where I am going to take them right now. Right to the cemetery. This is a miracle.”

“My wife is in here, been here for three weeks, for rehab for a broken hip. She will love these flowers.”

“I am going to take these to my mother right now.”

“You are going to make my girlfriend fall in love with me all over again when I give her these flowers. She might even start calling me Sweetheart again!”

Just a bunch of photos from our daily flower capers!
Can you see why delivering flowers is so much fun for me?


Article in Intelligencer about Flower Project











2013-12-05 12.12.08

2013-12-05 12.11.59


2013-12-05 12.11.302013-12-05 12.11.39</a

Photo credit for some photos: Terree Yeagle, themomentphoto.com

My mother wanted a Tastykake and I wanted a soda. I carried ten bouquets into the mini-mart,  and ten surprised people walked out with a bouquet. I opened the trunk of my car. “Would anyone like some flowers to take back to your co-workers?” I told the customers that they were FREE. Twenty-eight bouquets were gone in five minutes. Just a little speed-flowering on a cloudy Friday.

My mother is going to love these.

You are going to keep me out of trouble with my girlfriend.

My husband is going to start getting suspicious AGAIN when I come home with flowers. He is not going to believe this story.

What’s your name? Why are you passing out flowers?

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