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Patricia Gallagher

Bo 561, Worcester, PA 19490 (Phila suburb)

Cell: 267 939 0365

Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements. May be available on short notice.


I am a former teacher. I enjoy the creativity of designing Therapeutic Recreation and Life Enrichment Programs for seniors – just as I did over the years for my school students. I was on the staff of the New Choices, New Options Program at Montgomery County Community College. (Instructor and Counselor) I have taught courses at the following colleges: LaSalle University, Temple University, Holy Family University, Delaware County Community College, Bucks County Community College and Villanova University.

Please click the links below to view a flyer that describes activity programs for residents and staff training for employees.

25 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Senior Living Community Employees
Do your employees work hard – at least most of them? Want some low cost and no-cost ideas to recognize your employees year round?

Tips for Recharging Your Professional Battery for Senior Living Employees
Want to create a better relationship with the people that you work with? Want to rekindle your passion for your job?

Hands On Sensitivity Activities for Aging Simulation What is it like for older people when they lose vision, taste, hearing, mobility and dignity faculties? Hands-on training sensitivity activities developed to help your staff experience some of the sensory changes that many older adults endure.

20 Wonderful Things about Father’s Program Games, music, a special Father’s Day Bingo game and Celebrity Fathers game. Lots of Dad-isms – the sayings that most dads used to inspire, motivate and cajole! 20 Wonderful Things about Dads.

The Wizard of Oz Program for your residents
Wizard Program for Residents PDF

Life Lessons from Frank Sinatra Program -Tribute to Frank “Old Blue Eyes” Sinatra

frank sinatra program

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music Program
Sound of Music Program

Lassie Come Home – the classic movie of 1943, starring Elizabeth Taylor
Lassie Come Home

20 Wonderful Things About May, Mothers, Memorial Day and More Birthdays of famous people in May, wonderful events, inspirational poems and happy songs about May and Spring. And don’t forget when the kids used to make breakfast in bed for Moms to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Shirley Temple Birthday Party for Your Residents


Please click the 2 links below for two descriptive flyers about the KINDERGARTEN FOR GROWNUPS PROGRAM.
Kindergarten For Grownups 1
KC kindergarten_page_2
Everything we need to know about life was somewhere learned in the kindergarten classroom. How did we apply the lessons learned in our family and work life? This a fun program for seniors!

The Prayer Angels Group – Everyone Needs a Purpose

Veterans Day PDF

pdf-once-upon-a-time-program Although, Fairy Tales were originally written for children – in this program, the Seniors look at the themes of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood through adult eyes and interpret the stories with new meaning.

Faith Sharing _ This is the Day that the Lord Has Made Program

Tribute to Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King

Marry Me! Program for Seniors about Legendary Couples’ Courtships In this program, you will learn very little known details about how the couples met and how they fell in love. Do you know who proposed on a bended knee? And who proposed in an automobile? And who prayed for guidance before accepting his proposal?

Ozzie and HarrietJFK wedding picture


This is for your residents who enjoy the sounds and history of Motown music.
Everything I Learned About Life Motown Program

Golden Great Songs BINGO A special combination of BINGO AND FAVORITE SONGS FROM THE PAST. Please scroll down to the last page on the flyer for a description of the program.

Beginner Computer Class for Seniors

Beginner computer class – no stress……slow and basic. And fun!

Computer Class for Seniors

A Tribute to the Incredible Lena Horne Program

And one of Lena Horne’s contemporary singers – Miss Etta James – both incredible women of faith and courage. And both so accomplished!

April Program – Fling Into Spring Fun for Your Residents

BEST LOVE SONGS OF THE 1930 and 1940’s doc

Famous People Series
The world would not be what it is today without the brilliant scientists, explorers, inventors, musicians, teachers, social leaders, and others who have introduced new ideas and inspired change in our society.

20 Wonderful Things about March – Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter and more. Get into the Spring of Things Program!

20 Wonderful Things about February – not just Valentine’s Day!

Five Songs About Dreams Program Music and fun activities to go along with 5 popular songs about dreams; songs that your residents know and love.

Love Songs of the 1950’s Program Lively musical sing-a-long, old film clips related to the songs, and trivia related to “Oh, the month of love, February.”
(Actually, this program is for all seasons!)

Creating a Happy Box or Happy Jar Program! Please click the two links below for Flyer 1 and Flyer 2 that both detail this innovative program.

Happy Jar or Box

Why We All Need a Happy Box or Happy Jar.doc flyer 2



Are you seeking ideas to spread goodness and kindness throughout your senior living community? Please review the two links below for a fun and interactive program! One flyer explains the program and the second flyer gives 29 tips which will be shared in the Over and Beyond Kindness Program. Lively discussion guaranteed!

Over and Beyond Kindness Program for Seniors.pdf Intro Flyer

Over and Beyond Kindness Program, 29 Tips, Flyer 2

20 Wonderful Things About Winter Program  Shoveling your driveway or walk, sledding, glorious days off from work or school for unexpected snow days……oh so many fun memories about Winter! Just look at the snow shown in this snowstorm of 1950 and look at the models of the cars. So much to discuss about this video clip. What are your memories of days like this?

Turkey Time Program for Seniors Delight all of your residents with reflections on Thanksgiving and the special things about November. Your residents will remember the very popular show Father Knows Best. This is the Thanksgiving Day show. Poignant prayer at the end of the video clip.

Hooray_for_Rock_and_Roll_Program[1]  Poodle skirts, going to the malt shop and listening to the juke box and the wonderful Top 10 Billboard Hits for 1950 – lotsof   musical fun and activity with this program!

Love is Having a Pet Program How do you describe the love of a pet? Healthy, healing, happy, nourishing, respectful? Fun and interactive program!

Songs of the 1940’s and 1950’s Program. pdf  Let’s talk about poodle skirts and jukeboxes at the malt shop, waiting for all of the boys to come back home, and sing along  to the lovely songs of our younger years!

Welcome to Autumn – Songs of the Season Program  Sing along with Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Jo Stafford and other  old time favorite singers – a popular Autumn  sing-a-long.  Also 20 Wonderful Things about the Fall program.  Lots of laughter and interaction.


Program for Seniors – Apes, Chimps and Monkeys Monkey Business for residents – all kinds of monkeying around fun!

Have a Friendship Tea for Your Residents This unique program combines songs, poems and inspirational readings and sharing about the gift of friendship -both old and new friends.

Summertime Is Finally Here Program, 20 Wonderful Things  Palm trees, ocean breezes, bonfires, staring at the stars, the perfect tan, dangling feet over the dock – what’s not to love about summer?

Santa Flyer 20 Wonderful Things about Christmas.docx 2  Reminiscence program of rarely seen Christmas television shows and two minute movie clips of films from the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s as well as a collection of Christmas props to discuss.

Random Acts of Kindness Program   Imagine what would happen if there was an outbreak of kindness in the world, if everybody did one random act of kindness every day?  A lively and stimulating therapeutic recreation program that will engage everyone in a wonderful discussion.

Tales for My Grandchildren Program Don’t let these great stories fade away! We will take your residents on a journey of writing a story or two about their life.

Snowman and Winter Program  Are you “snowed in” for ideas for a winter program? Do you want to melt the winter blues away? Your residents will remember winter commercials such as this one….and the way kids looked back in the 1950’s.

Twas Night Before Christmas Program Lots of singing, interaction and laughter. Dramatic reading of the story by everyone. Trivia questions about the Twas the Night Before Christmas story. Colorful holiday props to go along with the program.

Halloween 20 Wonderful Things PDF  Halloween  –  20 Wonderful Things. Not spooky or scary. Just plain-old fashioned fun.

This program is particularly for your residents who love the sound of Motown music.
Everything I Learned About Life Motown Program PDF

Kindergarten for Grownups 2 PDF  Something unique, fun and stimulating for all – great lessons to share about life, that we first learned at age 5.

Thanksgiving 20 Wonderful Things  Book this fun program for any time in November! Fun tactile, unique and stimulating.

Football and Sports Bloopers Great program for men and women, November through January.

Wheel of Fortune Flyer – all levels of care  Your residents/contestants will rack up the points as they try to guess the phrase, song or name the country. Spin our special wheel to play America’s favorite TV game show. Here is a clip from one of the original Wheel of Fortune video clips. We will show just about a minute of this to enjoy the hairstyles and clothing fashion of a few decades ago.

Nostalgic film and discussion PDF – Rarely seen film clips of the actors and actresses of the Good Old Days – some of the all-time favorite scenes.  Sometimes it is the little things that brighten a person’s day…a kind word or deed. Or  just a simple breath of encouragement. We feel better ourselves when we do something nice for another. This program is: The Nicest Thing that Anyone Ever Said or Did for Me.

Take a Spin on the Wheel of Fortune  – A fun,  social,  challenging and intellectual activity for your residents!

Mother’s Day Program for your residents 20 Wonderful Things about May and Mothers

Prayers to Warm Your Heart Interfaith Program  Prayers that lift you, calm you down and make you smile. Looking for fresh spiritual inspiration for your residents?

Author Social and Book Signing – Lindbergh Mountain Please join author Patricia Gallagher for a conversation as she discusses the unforgettable and magical story of  her latest book – Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain – The Untold Story of Santa’s Magic on Christmas Eve.

You Can Write Your Life Story Program for Residents  Too often memories remain silent. Is it time to write your memories  down for friends and family?

pdf-20-wonderful-things1 Patricia pulls from boxes filled to overflowing – lots of memories for your residents!

Easter Reminiscence Program for Residents  Easter baskets, Easter parades, Easter outfits and so much more!

20 Wonderful Thing and  April Fun Program  Butterflies, tulips, National Humor Month. Easter, Passover and so much more!

Flyer for Write Your Life Story   Part two.  We have lots of ideas for residents who would like to share a legacy of memories with their family.

pdf-20-wonderful-things1   We bring “20 Wonderful Things” to your residents, with each item saying, “Remember this? Tell me about the time that…….”  Inter- Faith  – With God By Your Side,  You Never Have to Be Alone Program. More fun than Bingo? Why not give it a try? Sing much-loved spiritual hymns, share favorite interfaith prayers and scriptures. Non-denominational.

20 Wonderful Things About March and Saint Patrick’s Day ! We have themed programs for each month.

Faith Sharing Prayers, poems, songs and uplifting short videos will be shared with your residents.  Interfaith program.

Black History Month Program – Celebrating the greatness and contributions of African Americans in America –  Martin Luther King Program.   A tribute to MLK, Coretta Scott King and African American entertainers. Do your residents love a great discussion? We offer Tea nd Talk Topics that are fun, stimulating and interesting. Food for the Soul Programs are nourishing for all!   TV Greatest Commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Your residents will love this program!


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1950’s Classic Commercial: ”Aunt Jemima Pancakes” with Apple Rings

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