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The Times Herald filmed a video at a senior center in Norristown today!


A dream is a wish your heart makes. Thank you, Cinderella.

2013-12-19 11.21.212013-12-19 11.20.55I had a dream last night that a lot of people donated one dollar and that I woke up in the morning thinking, “Oh, now I can continue doing this for 2014.” That was just a dream but maybe a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep……” Love that Disney song! What if the dream was real and people donated just one dollar to the Happy Flower Day project, tax-deductible, because we are a 501 c 3 organization……what a difference that would make. Thank you so much, Friends!

Walking along the streets giving flowers to random people, stopping in where seniors gather and offering them a free bouquet and just having a fun day of old-fashioned flowering fun!

2013-12-19 11.27.32

2013-12-19 10.48.30

2013-12-19 11.28.02

2013-12-19 10.48.42

2013-12-19 11.21.28

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2013-12-19 11.14.442013-12-19 11.28.31http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhTjnzlcIeI<a

Can you put a price on these smiles? 170 of them today.

2013-12-19 11.32.132013-12-19 11.33.51

2013-12-19 11.40.44

2013-12-19 11.33.23

2013-12-19 11.32.31

2013-12-19 11.38.03
2013-12-19 11.37.02

2013-12-19 11.36.51

2013-12-19 11.34.45

2013-12-19 11.33.59

2013-12-19 11.31.53

2013-12-19 11.31.31

2013-12-19 11.31.18

2013-12-19 11.30.56

Unexpected: A Soup Kitchen and for the Jesus Birthday Party!

2013-12-19 12.13.26

I had just been to the Norristown senior activity center and was going down the street wondering where I would take the last 40 bouquets. I saw a sign that said Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry on Thursday. I got out of my car and started passing them out to the people leaving with their bags of free clothes that they were passing out today to people in need. Groceries and warm clothes.

If they were Hispanic, I tried my best to say in Spanish, Welcome to the United States. Here is a little gift for you.

If it was a young man, I said, Here is a free bouquet. Maybe your mom, grandmom, girlfriend, wife or aunt would like these flowers. Here take a couple so you can give one to someone along your way.

As I passed the flowers to one lady, she gasped and said, “Praise God. We were in decorating our church for Christmas and did not know how we would be able to decorate with flowers this year. We were praying for some money because we had some but we needed that for paper products. So we had a decision to make, Flowers for our Jesus Birthday Party service or things from the Dollar Store. And then, this is unbelievable, you come at that very moment with more flowers than we have ever had here. Look at them all! We have enough now for the altar, the manger scene, for all of the windowsills and just to make it festive all over the sanctuary too. This is God. He tells us to be faithful and believe. I am so overwhelmed with joy.”
2013-12-19 12.10.11

2013-12-19 12.05.19

2013-12-19 12.04.45

2013-12-19 12.03.59

2013-12-19 12.03.21

2013-12-19 12.03.26

2013-12-19 11.45.38

A bouquet of flowers – a gift for all reasons for nursing home residents.

Such a lovely group today. We had a good time discussing so many things and then everyone loved selecting a bouquet or two of blooms.





“My wife will love these flowers but I do not think she is living anymore.”

Today at the nursing home:

“My wife will love these flowers.” But sadly he cried. “I do not think she is living anymore.”

“We only got one present when we were children.”

“My best Christmas would be if my daughter came to visit me. She brought me here and I lived ten hours away. I have not heard from her since March. I don’t know where she is or why she doesn’t bother with me anymore.”

“I am thinking about when I was a child at my parent’s house. It was such a good life. They sent me to grade school and high school.”

“My best Christmas was when I went out to the barn and saw my pony with a big red bow on it.”

“I don’t know if I am going anywhere for Christmas. I haven’t heard from anyone to invite me out.”

And at another place:

“My wife and I got evicted. We were out and when we got back there, the landlord said he was not renting it anymore. We had nowhere to go. We are 79-years-old.”

“These flowers mean more than you will ever know. You made my Christmas.”

“The people here, well, it is a sad time for so many of them. They don’t have their families around anymore. We try to make it home-like it here.”

Sometimes the flower arrow in my heart points this way and that way! Kind of zig zags for 86 miles.

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2013-12-16 14.56.13<a

Today’s bounty of bouquets surprised people at a hospital, a restaurant and even people waiting for their cars to be repaired at a dealership!

Fill the World with Love Song

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2013-12-16 14.55.022013-12-16 14.54.59
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2013-12-19 11.17.34

2013-12-19 11.17.42
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2013-12-19 11.14.492013-12-19 11.19.122013-12-19 11.17.38

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2013-12-16 12.40.292013-12-16 12.40.152013-12-16 12.40.02

For some seniors at a senior center……the staff will pass the flowers out.

My helper Bob, getting ready to play Christmas songs on his harmonica. An impromptu sing a long!
2013-12-12 14.08.32

2013-12-12 14.10.04
2013-12-12 14.09.59
2013-12-12 14.16.30

Flowers, flowers and more flowers – little bouquets of happy thoughts for seniors.

The senior living community staff and I usually do the rounds together because they know the people who are “safe” to have a bouquet. We have to be aware of allergies and some of the memory care people…….very sadly, may put them in their mouth. For the memory care folks, they often use the bouquets as a flower arranging activity.

2013-12-07 13.54.572013-12-07 13.36.502013-12-07 13.36.302013-12-07 13.35.262013-12-07 13.30.16

Walk around a town today….pass out flowers to strangers?

2013-12-05 11.22.01

This morning, the idea came to me to share the flowers with strangers – maybe take a ride and give them out to people sitting in Rittenhouse Square, in a Wash ‘n Go Laundromat, people walking along the river or street, in a parking lot, going into a hospital or restaurant. It seems that most people are carrying an emotional burden or two – a random act of flowers might just help somebody today. I will keep you posted. I have no idea what city I will go to – maybe downtown Philadelphia, Norristown or Germantown.

Two hours later Update:
It is snowing too much around here so I picked up the flowers and took them to a senior living community in Ambler, PA. The security guard walked around with me and we passed out flowers to residents in the lobby area, to a nurse to pass out in the assisted living area, and to the kitchen staff. I have to call it a day now…..too slippery, getting bad out for driving. I had one more bag left. 13 bouquets of flowers in my car.

Just got home and the man who refills my mother’s oxygen tank is here. So three bouquets for his wife. Now off to the CVS drive-thru to pick up my mother’s prescriptions so I guess they will be randomly passed out at CVS. Next stop on my list. My Mom wants something from McDonald’s – a chocolate shake. On a snowy day, I bet some McDonald’s employees could use a surprise.

That means that in about a half hour, today’s flower mission will be accomplished!

Thank you, Trader Joe’s.

Can I have a few more? I am going to visit my husband. He is in a different level of care.

Can I have some for my daughter and grand-daughter? They are coming to take me out to lunch. Hope they do not cancel because of the weather because I am still game for being with them. I see the roads are bad now. Drive safely.

Wow, I am going to take all of these to my wife.

Who do we thank? Where are they from? Who are you?

Pictured below are the women who work at Trader Joe’s as they help me load the flowers into my car.



4 pm
Took 8 bouquets to the manager at McDonald’s. Do you think the kids who work here would like to take a bouquet home to their mothers?

And then in the Giant parking lot, a nice man came over and cleaned the snow off of my windshields.

Of course, I gave two bouquets to him for his wife. Just random acts of flowering in the snow today. Done for the day!

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