Thank you very much for spreading your cheer and kindness with our residents here at Neshaminy Manor. The flowers brought such joy. It was a delight to watch the residents with their bouquets. It was a wonderful event and we are most grateful.

I had the most unexpected and wonderful afternoon yesterday. My daughter and I attended a memorial service at Senior Living for all of the residents who had passed away over the last twelve months which included my mother. My longtime friend Trisha Gallagher brought fifty plus bouquets that she picked up from a florist that we gave to the residents and staff. The memorial service was beautiful. More touching was the joy and smiles of the residents and staff as we passed out the flowers. Thank you to Trisha and the flower donors. And a special thanks to the Senior Living staff for such a special afternoon.

I just want to thank you for all of the beautiful bouquets that you gave us. It was so nice of you to get them, fix them up and bring them to each one of us. I heard that you bring them to shut-ins, too. The flowers bring a lot of joy and happiness. I had the bouquet that you gave me for a whole week. You are certainly doing God’s work bringing joy and beauty to all of us. Your flowers are good medicine. Keep up the good work that you are doing to make others happy. God bless you. Thanks so much. Sending love and prayers.

I loved your story in the “Angels on Earth” magazine. I have always loved giving. When my husband of 30 years passed away, I learned the benefits of giving at an even greater depth. We are meant to give love and when we stop loving, it hurts us. When I give love it feels good. To fill the gap of the love I had for him, I began expressing love to strangers and those who came along my path. I love surprises! So I give surprises. I start looking for ways to give or surprise someone whenever I start to feel anxious or sad. Blessing someone else blesses me and helps me. I was widowed at 47 and I am now 61. Bless you, Patricia! Here is my phone number. I would love to talk to you about starting a flower program in my area.

Trisha, a man and his wife brought flowers to us that were given to him by you. We immediately arranged them in vases. His wife used to volunteer here and his daughter-in-law works here. The weather was so cold outside today. These flowers sure warmed up the activity room. They flowered-up the whole place.

Thank you for the lovely flowers that you leave for us. We are so happy to have them to grace the statues of Mary and Saint Anthony in our church. It is so thoughtful of you to remember us in this way. We keep you and your family in our prayers asking that you be blessed in all of your many endeavors throughout this new year. With love, prayers and gratitude, The Sisters of the Poor Clares

The “Flower Lady” and I went out on Thursday to make her morning rounds. She goes to participating various stores and picks up donated day-old flowers, then takes them to the elderly and infirmed around the area. We thought we were going to a nursing home but we decided to go to a vibrant senior community about to sit down to a special Thanksgiving celebration lunch! We found lovely people there. We distributed all the flowers we had on that trip to the people at the Salem Church senior group. This was one of three carloads of flowers that we distributed that morning. This is all out of the kindness of her heart and it is good for our hearts to support her with this project.

Trisha, I am sending this to my assistant. She has the pictures of us standing outside by your car with all the bouquets of flowers. She will send them over. The day you brought the flowers was an awesome day for “the birthday girl – age 104” and our whole community.

Patricia, you know those flowers you gave me two weeks ago, the last time you were here? I trimmed the stems, put them in a vase, and put in the packet of flower preserver, you know the powder that makes the flowers live longer. They were in my room for two weeks. I just threw them away yesterday. They made me feel like a princess!

Patricia, I appreciate the gift of your “throw-away flowers.” I was wondering if we could schedule a time to do it again. They brought big smiles to our residents and made their world a little brighter. It is a shame to waste the beautiful bouquets if they can brighten someone’s day with a colorful surprise. Each recipient had the thrill of feeling special for the day. Our chaplain was wondering if she could talk to you about getting flowers for the patients she visits. Any help you could provide her would be great. You are welcome to stop here at any time with the flowers. You do not need permission to visit. You are not bringing just a bunch of flowers. You are bringing a bunch of messages that somebody cares. Thank you!

Patricia, I would love flowers for my residents here at Genesis. Please add me to your list. Thank you.


I was very inspired by your interview on the radio show a few weeks ago. I am very interested in this project, because I want to bring this to my community, too. My husband is a Deacon, and has been doing some communion calls at some assisted living places in the area. So I thought this is a way to begin the project and to spread this idea, to the community and parishes, too. To encourage outreach for Boston which is my area and surrounding towns. I would love to speak to you sometime about how you got started, and how I can implement this project here.

Loved, loved, loved the article in the Chestnut Hill Local. I work for the Meals on Wheels and I would love to talk with you about what you do. And perhaps, if you ever need an “inspiration” for “God, who needs the gift of a beautiful bouquet today?”- We can provide an answer with the lovely hearts and souls that we serve meals to. So please give me a call, send a text or send me an email. Would love, love, love to speak with you! What a beautiful way to help us deliver a meal to some lovely people – so incredible if we can say it with flowers, too! Thanks for sharing your story!

Thank you for giving me the idea to start a flower project in our senior community. The florist is still leaving beautiful bags of flowers for me to pick up on the loading dock. I usually get about three to four bags worth of flowers. It’s wonderful. We are doing flower arrangements with different levels of care units, mostly on Mondays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, the flowers go out to our hospice patients in the community. It has been such a joy for all that get them. Will talk soon. Hope all is well with you.

I would like to volunteer to help you. I am 91 years old. I used to play the harmonica. What do you think of this idea? I could get it out and start practicing some patriotic tunes. Then, when you carry the flowers into the nursing home, I can “announce” the visit by playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, God Bless America, America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Halls of Montezuma, Stars and Stripes Forever and The Star-Spangled Banner. I am a little rusty on those songs but if I practice, I should be able to do that within a few weeks. I might need to buy another harmonica because this one does not seem to be quite right.

Oh, you are a blessing, Patricia, bringing all of these flowers. Gracious Lord, thank you for this nice surprise tonight. My mother used to putter about or maybe I should say “potter about” since she was always in the garden shed doing something with string, pots, and anything garden-y. I am 96.  My girlfriend here is 95. I moved here seven years ago when my wife died. I wish you could meet my daughter. She lives in California. She is a writer too.

I am happy you came to Legacy Gardens last week. The residents remember your show and especially your flowers that you brought. It was the HIGHLIGHT of their week. Thank you.

On behalf of the staff, volunteers, and board of ActionAIDS, I want to sincerely thank “The Happy Flower Day Project” for your donation of beautiful flowers to our AIDS Walk/Run Team event. This year, we had close to 180 people walk in unity with ActionAIDS!

Life Enrichment and Therapeutic Recreation Program Testimonials (2009 -2014)

“On behalf of the residents and myself here at Twining Manor we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many beautiful programs you have put on at our facility! The residents think you are one of the kindest and most interesting people that have come here. Your smile shines and you light up the room when you are here. We are looking forward to seeing you again.”

-Saundra Irwin, Activities Coordinator, Twining Manor

“You are not only an amazing performer but also an amazing person. It is clear that you have a genuine love for what you do and how you are with our residents. We always have to prepare in advance for your arrival because we know our residents are going to pack in to the room to see you. You are truly a talented, caring, loving individual that has brought joy and love and beautiful music to our residents for many years. We hope that you are here with us for many years to come!”

-Kally Shulman, Director of Activities, HCR-Manor Care

“I would strongly recommend Patricia Gallagher. Her programs are very unique and captivate the residents body, mind and soul. She has a lot of energy and keeps all of the residents engaged the entire time. Her warmth shines through to the residents every time she is here.”

-Carly Cohen CTRS Personal Care/ Independent Coordinator at Wesley Enhanced Living at Stapeley

“Patricia puts on a wonderful show. Even my most hesitant residents participate when she comes in. I can’t say enough great things about her programs! She is a welcome addition to our activities calendar!”

-Stephanie W. Thorpe,   Activities Director for Hidden Meadows on the Ridge

“I wanted you to know that days after your program “20 Wonderful Things,” the residents were still talking about how much they enjoyed it. The stuffed animals were a huge hit and vintage clothing and baby blankets brought back so many wonderful memories and initiated much conversation among the residents. The staff also had nothing but wonderful things to say about your program 20 Wonderful Things. Looking forward to your next visit.”

-Kathy Nucero, Director of Activities,  The Philadelphia Protestant Home

“Patricia’s “20 Wonderful Things” are just what she says: Wonderful!  Our residents at The Quadrangle loved her programs and really appreciated the gifts Patricia left them with.  These are really unique programs that wonderfully supplement our own reminiscence activities.  Patricia brings a great enthusiasm and love of people to her programs, and residents really respond to her.”

-Connie Eichenberg, Activities Director, The Quadrangle, Sunrise Senior Living

“Thank you again for the wonderful presentation.”

-Kerri Zwolak, Reminiscence Coordinator, Sunrise Senior Living, Lafayette Hill

“Our Villagers loved your program.  They said it was a wonderful walk down memory lane. They felt we should schedule you to come back again for those who missed it!”

-Ceil Krajewski, Director of Villager Services, Pine Run Community

“Patricia was very entertaining. Her program was just  wonderful. The residents of Harlee Manor were fully engaged with laughter and fun. The Reminiscence Program was the best I have ever seen.”

-Toni, Activities Department, Harlee Manor

“I heard about your program from the AVC Activity Director and she thought your program would be a big hit in my neighborhood, which is a secured neighborhood for residents with memory impairment, as well. I would love to hear a bit more about your program “20 Wonderful Things” and discuss if you have any availability in the month of February. The best way to reach me is via email or my cell phone. Thanks so much, and I look forward to connecting with you soon!”

-Reminiscence Coordinator at a Sunrise Senior Living Community

“Patricia is very professional, fun, and entertaining. The residents love having her here and always ask for her to come back.”

-Kelly Hayes, Activity Director, Hidden Meadows

“You are so warm and kind to the residents. You got all to open up and interact with you. I saw residents who rarely talk or sing participate. You had “it,” some people have it and some don’t. You do!  I would love to have you again and again and again…a wonderful program!  All three levels of care will enjoy your show!”

-Asta Fusco, Director of Activities, The Birches

“Patricia Gallagher’s “20 Wonderful Things” is amazing.  She gets all the residents involved in her reminiscing group.  She is wonderful with the residents.  The residents really feel like they are back in the time period of the items she shows and then discusses.   She also gives all the residents a stuffed animal, which they all love.  She had my interest as well as all the residents the entire time.  It really is refreshing to have such a wonderful, kind-hearted lady do an amazing program that captivates the interest and hearts of the residents.   I love Patricia’s program and will have her come back time and time again!”

-Cara Broidrick, CTRS, Recreation Director at Chestnut Hill Lodge

“Your program is different than having a DJ. My residents like to see your personal energy and you pay individual attention to each person. You seem to know who needs a hug and you touch our  residents at a different level. Your program is tactile, cognitive and provides sensory and intellectual stimulation. We do a lot here but as activity directors, we have so many responsibilities with documentation and planning programs. The  residents enjoy  seeing  a different friendly  face!”

-Maureen Green, Director of Activities, Ivy Hill Nursing Home and Rehabilitation

“Patricia’s personality and her interaction with the residents, along with the items that she brought along created a warm heart-felt group with excellent participation.”

-Jackie, Activity Director, Towne Manor West

“Hi Patricia, I hope all is well with you. I have you scheduled to come and entertain in Bristol on April 26 with your ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ program.  However, I am hoping you will change that program to your “Television Commercials” program.  I  was told by another activity director , that the Old 1950’s and 1960′ TV COMMERCIAL PROGRAM  that you offered was a blast for the residents and staff alike.  So, if it is possible to change gears, that is the program I am asking for.  Please email me back so I can put it on my schedule as soon as possible.”

“Hi Patricia, Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your program was on the 15th. I know how hard it is to capture the attention of my residents. You did a fantastic job. Thank you.”

-Kathy Nucero, Director of  Activities,  Philadelphia Protestant Home

“Dear Patricia, I absolutely enjoyed your program. Your  genuine concern and love for all that attended the workshop was  evident.  Your story is unique and uplifting.  We greatly enjoyed having you here  at Gilda’s Club Delaware Valley and our members would love you  to come back! Thanks!!”

-Nicole  DeCicco, MSW, LSW, Program Coordinator, Gilda’s Club Delaware Valley

For more information about these Life Enrichment Programs, see my Programs page.



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