Want Flowers?

If you have a loved one who resides in a Philadelphia or suburban rehabilitation center, nursing home, hospital, or senior living community, or if you work with seniors or people with disabilities, please reach out to us. “The Happy Flower Day” project volunteers would like to bring fresh flowers to residents, clients, employees, or patients – free!


Mission: We gather beautiful day-old and surplus flowers from florists, grocery stores, floral specialty departments, and floral wholesalers.  We re-purpose day-old bouquets for people who  are sad, hurting, upset, sick, out-of-sorts, lonely, living without a purpose, ashamed, feeling left out, depressed, struggling with issues,  grieving, worried, anxious, trying to beat an addiction, homeless,  and others in need of a gift of flowers. And to healthcare workers, friends and family of people who are sick……..well, practically everyone!



WHYY Public Radio Behavioral Health reporter Maiken Scott did an audio story complete with 12 pictures which can be seen on our website. www.happyflowerday.com  (August, 2013)

The National Enquirer did a feature story on the last page of the magazine for their “Acts of Kindness” page.  October 28, 2013 issue.



Thank you.

Patricia “Petals and Blooms” Gallagher BA, MBA
Director of The Happy Flower Day Project
Office: 267 939 0365

Even the ambulance drivers at the Fox Chase Cancer Center received a flowery surprise.




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